Reddish treat Heaton Chapel home to a new set of beautiful bay windows

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

Bay windows

One of the most classical and efficient styles, we at Reddish are always on hand to treat local homeowners with the spoils that Bay Windows naturally bring. One of our most recent installations in Heaton Chapel proved to be the perfect opportunity for such a tact, as we were required to replace an existing set with new high-performance uPVC frames. Let’s find out more about the project:

Swapping out unfit bay windows for smart replacement frames

Once arriving to this Heaton Chapel family home, it was immediately apparent to our fitters what the issue was regarding the homeowner’s existing set of uPVC bay windows. After a short survey, we noted that the current windows weren’t fitted to be properly supported within the surrounding structure, causing them to bow and push out as a result.

The longer the homeowners left their existing bay windows fitted, the longer they would leave themselves susceptible to annoying draughts, frequent cold spots, but perhaps most worryingly it left their home vulnerable. After all, with a big enough gap between window and wall it’d be easy for intruders to break in. The Reddish team took it upon themselves to avoid this from happening, promising to return with a high quality replacement installation.

Bay windows being fitted

Improved energy efficiency, style, and operation

Bay windows inherently bring an element of elegance with them, a factor made apparent due to the style’s popular during the English Victorian period. Despite this undeniable aesthetic charm, bay windows offer a lot of benefits for both heritage and contemporary homeowners alike. The most notable feature is up to 3ft of added space. With this particular project, the goal was to keep these elements intact with the addition of improved function and insulation.

The installation itself went as expected, with our team removing the bays and windows in between, rebuilding the new set from the ground up. The new set of uPVC bay windows were engineered in multi-chambered Swish system uPVC profile, sure to offer the energy efficiency levels expected for a modern home. The team used a load bearing bay pole to offer the right support between the new windows and existing roof above, so that the problem which give this property trouble previously doesn’t happen again.

Homeowners pleased with Reddish Joinery’s improvement services

Upon completion, we felt confident that this Heaton Chapel home could continue enjoying the benefits of bay windows, now without fear that it’ll put them in danger. Stylish, secure, and safe, our fresh set of bay windows will continue to perform within the property well into the future.

If you’d like to revitalise your home in a similar matter, contact the team today on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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