Are patio doors with built in blinds energy efficient?

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Yes, patio doors with built-in blinds (technically known as integral blinds) are very energy-efficient. However, this is not because of the blinds themselves. This is because of the sliding patio doors and, specifically, the glazed units that they’re fitted with, which the integral blinds sit between, and their frames.

The glazed units

Sliding patio doors come equipped with high-quality double glazed units which are designed for the purposes of keeping more heat in the home. Utilising two panes of glass and a small cavity filled with Argon, modern double glazed units have incredibly low levels of thermal conductivity, making it exceedingly difficult for heat to escape. It’s even possible to fit them with triple glazing, providing a further boost to thermal performance.

By losing less heat, properties are less reliant on the central heating system to keep warm. This leads to less energy being used and more energy-efficient homes.

Sliding patio door frames

Aluminium Sliding Doors

One of the other reasons why patio doors are energy-efficient is because of their door frames. On aluminium patio doors, for example, the frames are fitted with polyamide thermal breaks. These are made from a highly insulating material and they sit inside the aluminium framing, which significantly reduces the flow of heat. Our aluminium patio doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.38 W/m2k, demonstrating that they are remarkably efficient.

uPVC options, on the other hand, have multiple chambers present between the frames. These chambers have been expertly designed so that they trap heat. Plus, uPVC is a naturally-insulating material anyway. So, when combined together, vast quantities of heat are kept inside and homes become more energy-efficient.

The role of integral blinds

Sealed integrated blindsAlthough they do not have an effect on thermal efficiency, integral blinds can be used to limit solar gain. This is useful during periods of heavy sunlight; by blocking out the sun’s rays, they help to prevent rooms from overheating. This makes them extremely useful when fitted to the windows on a conservatory, sliding patio doors, bifold doors and other products that feature high volumes of glazing.

However, the blinds are compatible with low-e glass. Low-e glass features a microscopic layer which reflects heat back into a room, causing it to stay warmer. They can also be specified to come with a warm edge spacer bar and these further reduce heat transmission through a glazed unit.

Sliding patio doors with integral blinds from Reddish Joinery, leading aluminium and Accoya specialists

As well as being an excellent way to control privacy and light levels in a room, integral blinds are hermetically-sealed within the glazed units, meaning they’re totally maintenance-free. They are available with our thermally-efficient sliding patio doors, allowing you to open up your home to levels of light and air that you can control at the press of a button and the pull of a handle.

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