Why combine a LivinRoof with Accoya wood?

Last Updated: 27 April 2023

a livin roof installation with accoya wood
A Livin Roof can update a dated conservatory into a versatile new space, thanks to increased warmth, light and peace and quiet. Combined with Accoya timber, you can also benefit from reduced maintenance and added style – it’s a match made in heaven!

Why install a Livin Roof?

A Livin Roof is the perfect addition for any homes that want an improved quality of life. Whether you are building an extension from scratch, or want to enhance an existing conservatory, A Livin Roof offers strength, thermal efficiency and bespoke aesthetics.

Unlike fully glazed extensions, a LivinRoof conservatory is only partially glazed. This means that the solid roof perimeter and any non-glazed walls can incorporate plaster, wallpaper and lighting. Even add hidden speakers into the roof, which is ideal for entertaining!

How will Accoya timber benefit you?

Accoya timber is an innovatively treated material, designed to last longer and be stronger than natural wood. As a non-toxic, recyclable material, Accoya timber can be used and over again. Using it for bespoke home improvements is therefore guilt free!

Accoya is a naturally fantastic insulator, making it ideal for use in living spaces with a glazed roof, or for full conservatory designs (whether you want to completely replace your conservatory, install a timber orangery or update your existing one).

Style and performance combined

In addition to thermal insulation, Accoya timber windows, doors and living spaces are easy to maintain. The material is warp and rot proof thanks to its weatherproofing abilities. This means maintenance is as easy as a simple wipe over – perfect for busy families!

Equally, not only is Accoya a high performance material, it adds so much style! Home improvements that feature Accoya wood, whether windows, doors or conservatories, look natural and characterful – ideal for more traditional houses, or modern new builds that want a unique touch.

Come and see for yourself at our showroom!

If you want to get a feel for a LivinRoof extension with Accoya timber, then don’t hesitate to visit our showroom. We have just updated our showroom conservatory after 12 years – it now inspires more so than ever before!

You will be able to genuinely visualise how you can update your dated conservatory into a year-round, usable space. We bet you’ll walk away inspired, and keen to get your home improvements with Reddish, the home improvement experts, started as soon as possible!

For more information regarding any of our products contact us on 0161 969 7474 or get in touch online.

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