What’s 15 times more thermally efficient than a polycarbonate roof? A Livin Roof!

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

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It comes as no surprise that since their initial spark in popularity over here in the UK, conservatory roofs have come a long way in terms of their design capabilities and the materials they use. You may have had your existing conservatory for a good number years and while it has served you well, you may still be suffering the drawbacks that a polycarbonate roof can bring.

The new Livin Roof system provided by Reddish represents the ultimate in modern conservatory roof design. A roof concept that combines the worlds of glazing and solid roof systems, replacing your existing, tired conservatory roof with the Livin Roof means homeowners can be easily facilitate a modern style of living.

Unparalleled warmth and energy efficiency for a comfortable extension

Boasting U-values as low as 0.18, this enhancement in thermal performance and heat retention allows homeowners to utilise their extension all year round as opposed to just spring or summer. The Livin Roof system is able to be fitted onto any existing conservatory and is constructed from insulated external panels that are both rigid and strong, making for a reliable structure that always operates at your ideal temperature.

Heat is more easily retained when using a Livin Roof thanks to the integration of efficiently glazed glass panels as well as the solid roof construction. Whatever you want from your living space to be the Livin Roof can deliver, providing the pinnacle of energy efficiency and thermal retention so you get to utilise your extension 365 days a year.

Combining the worlds of glazed and solid roofing

Because the replacement roof combines elements from both solid and glazed roof systems, homeowners get to benefit from the worlds of both. Thanks to the system’s partially solid interior, you have the design ability to customise your space as you would any other room. Not only is opting for the Livin Roof system a practical choice, but it is also a stylish one both inside and out.

Capable of withholding an impressive vaulted ceiling, you can incorporate such elements as hanging lights in the space, meaning the area can be adequately lit even late at night. For a cosier feel, your new Livin Roof can sport a suspended ceiling if so desired, this more easily maintains the height of adjoining rooms.

a livin roof installation with accoya wood

Features of a Livin Roof system

  • Brings the light of the conservatory with the feel of a solid extension
  • Solid wall construction allows for more style and furnishing options
  • Fully customisable to any shape and/or style
  • U value of 0.18 – 15 times more efficient than a polycarbonate roof
  • Integrated glass panels without any additional cost
  • Swift and efficient installation without any hassle
  • Classic Cornice to hide your roof’s guttering system
  • Increased privacy when compared to glazed extensions
  • 10-year product guarantee from Reddish Joinery

Improving conservatory roofs throughout Cheshire and its surrounding areas

Operating since 1967, Reddish Joinery still remains family-run and are committed to providing homeowners with products that are just as high quality as our bespoke customer service. Conservatory roofs are no longer created equal, with the Livin Roof now rising to the top as the most modern and practical way of adding both light and space to your existing extension.

For more information on how a Livin Roof system provided by Reddish Joinery can help enhance your conservatory, contact us today on 0161 9697474 or enquire online today!

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