The benefits of a Livin Roof from Reddish

Last Updated: 27 April 2023

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The pinnacle of roof system technology

For the longest time, glass roofs have remained the most popular choice for conservatories, offering various visual and practical benefits. The new Livin Roof system allows you to benefit from these features whilst always ensuring that your new living space is well insulated thanks to their solid roof that can incorporate double glazing.

This enhancement in thermal performance ensures that you are able to utilise the extension all year round rather than just in the spring or summer. The system comes readily available with a range of tinted and glazing options, with solar glare tinting helping to prevent glare if required. The Livin Roof itself is constructed from insulated external panels that are also strong and robust, delivering a reliable structure as well as high light levels.

Combing the worlds of solid and glazed

The Livin Roof system gives you all the strength you’d expect from a traditional uPVC conservatory extension whilst still allowing for its appearance to be fully customisable to your needs. You can design the interior much like you would with any other room in your home whilst still ensuring that light can fill your extension adequately.

As well as being stunning externally, any Livin Roof’s exterior makes for some impressive visuals also. Thanks to the seamless blend of a solid and glazed roof you not only get an extension that feels more part of your home but is beautifully lit also. Reddish’s highly distinctive Livin Roof systems combine solid and glazed conservatory roofing to bring together the best parts you love about both.

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Features of a Livin Roof from Reddish

  • Ability to be formed in any shape or roof style
  • Quick installation compared to other roof systems
  • Livin Roof is finished in urban grey for a modern and contemporary feel
  • Incorporates a Classic Cornice to hide your roof’s guttering
  • 10 year guarantee period like the rest of our products
  • More thermally efficient than a traditional conservatory
  • Gives you lashes of natural light with a reliable structure

Reddish: The conservatory specialists

The Livin Roof system from Reddish represents an unparalleled and unique design fit for the 21st century conservatory. If you wish to benefit from the various features and benefits they have to offer get in touch today! All of our products are provided with a 10 year guarantee to ensure that no homeowner is ever left wanting.

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