I'm Livin it! - Upgrade your conservatory with a Livin Roof today

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

So you’ve done the hard part, you’ve taken the plunge and added a welcoming new conservatory to your home giving you that much-needed extra space you’ve always desired, but it doesn’t have to stop there!

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To achieve the best possible extension required to meet your needs, it’s important to look upwards and consider which type of conservatory roof best works for you.

If you find yourself struggling to choose between the traditional lighting qualities a glass conservatory roof has to offer whilst at the same time hoping to make the extension feel truly part of the home, a Livin Roof system could solve all of your problems!

Not all roofs are created equal

For the longest time glass roofs have been the more popular choice for conservatories, offering various aesthetic and practical benefits despite them being more expensive than polycarbonate. With a Livin Roof system installed by reddish, any homeowner can have the best of both worlds.

A Livin Roof is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine both solid and glazed roofing in the most seamless and natural way possible. The best part? It can be added to any existing conservatory you have fitted – there’s no reason to miss out!

The best of both worlds!

White Livin Roof with lights

The Livin Roof system gives you all the strength expected to come with a traditional uPVC conservatory extension whilst still allowing for its appearance to be tailored specifically to your needs. This combines the ability to design the interior you’d have with any other room in your home whilst still ensuring that light can fill your extension.

Now that you’re still able to let your garden’s outside beauty in, it’s important to know that internally, a Livin Roof is stunning also. Capable of withholding a superb vaulted ceiling, a ridge that can be found at the top of your newly installed Livin Roof can be fitted with hanging lights, still suited to illuminate your extension when the sun wonders off.

Is your conservatory one of the 1.5 million houses in the UK still sporting a classic style roof? Let Reddish take care of that!

Never a glaring issue with a Livin Roof system

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All of our conservatories come readily available with a range of tinted and glazing options, as such our Livin Roof range is no different. Although you want to let that light in, solar glare reducing tints are always to hand ensuring that the heat never gets too much.

If you find your current conservatory is always unusable in either summer, winter or both, a Livin Roof conservatory’s Bi-functional nature can help retain the warmth. We can upgrade that existing roof to fix any current temperature-related extension problems.

Conservatory installers you can trust!

Conservatory roofs may be changing, but our excellent customer service never will! Here at Reddish, our 22 members of staff are here to ensure that you achieve your vision from inception to installation. We pride ourselves on giving you that home-grown family touch to always deliver a service personal to each customer.

All of our products including Livin Roof systems are available with a guarantee of up to 10 years, ensuring you’re never left wanting after your installation. Get in touch with us today to see about upgrading that classic conservatory roof into a 21st century extension dream.

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