Last Updated: 28 September 2023

A modern conservatory roof solution

These contemporary conservatory roofs offer homeowners the chance to give your older conservatory a very modern upgrade. An old conservatory roof can bring problems like leaking and extreme temperatures making it an uncomfortable space. But by just replacing the roof with a system like the Livinroof one, you can not only modernise the style, but greatly increase the thermal efficiency and performance.

Livinroof external view (1)More glass or more solid roof panels – it’s your choice

The Livinroof conservatory system can be designed and built to suit any home. The combination of glass and grey solid insulated panels offer brilliant thermal efficiency but the choice of how much or little glass is up to you.

The top benefits of the Livinroof:

  • The roof can be pitched as low as 5 degrees and as high as 40.9 degrees
  • Fire tested and created to meet Building Regulations
  • As it’s made from aluminium it’s an extremely strong structure
  • Internal pelmets are available so lights can be installed
  • The solid panels come in a fashionable grey shade to match most homes

Upgrade your conservatorys thermal performance

No matter how much sunlight you want to let in, the temperature control glass will be keeping the heat out so you can enjoy the summer sun inside without the overwhelming heat. With the correct specification, it’s actually possible to exclude 83% of the sun’s energy. If you decide to heat your conservatory, the glass is also made to keep the warmth in, especially during winter.

Finishes & extra optionsChorlton LivinRoof

The Livinroof conservatory roof comes with 4 different cornice types, including a curved option. The internal side of the Livinroof can be made to include spotlights, speakers or extra lighting. The plastered finish also helps the conservatory blend into the rest of your home. The Livinroof’s pitch can be as low as 5 degrees to suit smaller lean-tos for example, or as high as 40.9 degrees. As the Livinroof can be made to suit almost all conservatory styles like Victorian, T-shape & P-Shape, the amount of combinations glass & panels make it one of the most configurable systems on the replacement roof market.

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