Inspiring ideas for your new Accoya sash windows

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

When you’re looking to upgrade the windows in your home you may have looked at a more traditional Accoya sash window. They make a great addition to both period and modern properties.

We’ve put together some ideas for your new Accoya sash windows to help inspire you.

Accoya sash windows

What is an Accoya sash window?

Accoya is a high-quality softwood that has been through an acetylation process to enhance the natural properties of timber. It is an extremely durable and low maintenance option that is perfect for home improvement products. An Accoya sash window will be rot, insect and fungi resistant. 

Traditionally sash windows don’t contain a hinge and instead consist of two panes of glass, where one slides over the other. Sash windows are perfect for more aged, traditional properties where they would’ve previously featured.

Georgian Accoya sash windows

One of the oldest styles of window is the Georgian sash, recognisable through their six-panel grid design. Traditionally the windows were made up of 6 smaller panes of glass set amongst timber bars to allow maximum light flow into homes. Modern Georgian sash windows are commonly manufactured as two panes of glass that feature internal Georgian bars to replicate their appearance.

Although Georgian sash windows are suited to old, traditional properties they can add an elegant charm to any style or era of home.

Victorian Accoya sash windows

A Victorian sash window is recognisable through their two over two grid panel design. They were designed to offer a balance of ventilation and natural light; a Victorian property would look lost without them.

Victorian sash windows would have originally been made with timber and single glazing. All our replacements come double glazed as standard for optimal thermal efficiency and protection. Accoya is the perfect upgrade from traditional Timber, it’ll look amazing for years to come with very little maintenance.

Using colour to style sash windows

Creams and whites are the most classical look for sash windows, providing a smart and cohesive look to Victorian properties. At Reddish, our range of opaque finishes mimic the traditional colours of Victorian sash windows. On some Georgian properties, the sash windows would be in a deeper shade most commonly brown. We offer a range of finish options to completely customise your sash windows, choose from pretty pastels to bright bold shades for something different.

Light grey Accoya sash windows

Styling Accoya sash windows

When it comes to styling the interior of your Accoya sash windows you want to accentuate them rather than cover them up.


Floor to ceiling curtains are an amazing way to accessorise sash windows, particularly in more dated properties. A neutral shade will promote a calming and natural atmosphere that can be paired with any décor to look amazing. Customise them further by adding a gorgeous curtain pole and curtain ties to match. This style of curtain will add some additional thermal insulation too.

Wooden shutters

Traditional wooden shutters are well suited to period properties which is why they’re perfect for sash windows. They won’t cover any of the gorgeous frames and you’ll be able to see the astragal bars through the shutters.

Shutters are a customisable option that are made to measure your window. Choose a colour that matches your frames or opt for a colour to complement your interior instead.

Roller blinds

For creating a dark sleeping space there’s no better option than a blackout roller blind. Go for a soft neutral in sleeping spaces to promote calm and relaxation and in living spaces make a statement and go bold. Roller blinds can be made to measure your window and the design allows them to be rolled up leaving your gorgeous sash window as the main feature.

Gorgeous Georgian and Victorian Accoya sash windows from Reddish

Here at Reddish Joinery, we’re happy to assist and install homeowners’ ideal sash windows for their homes. If you’d like more information on our Accoya sash windows or have a query on any of the other home improvements we offer, don’t hesitate to contact Reddish today!

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