How to make garden decking non-slip

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Wooden effect decking
Wooden effect decking

Having a decking installed means being able to enjoy your garden and outside space the way it was fully intended. However, why should you let this end purely due to the bad weather experienced on the previous day? And better yet, why put yourself at risk of having a fall when stepping out into it? We at Reddish Joinery are proud to offer a solution to this issue, offering homeowners throughout Cheshire the beauty of composite decking from Millboard.

Removing wood ensures guaranteed high slip resistance

At Reddish, we love natural timber more than anyone, but when it comes to providing anti-slip decking composite is by far the best choice. Traditional wood decking most commonly becomes slippery, not simply purely due to rain, but largely thanks to the pesky fungus and algae that can fester in between the panels. Composite decking by Millboard from Reddish resolves this problem by removing wood altogether.

Whether intended to replace an existing area of decking or set to grace the garden for the very first time, every composite decking installation is fitted neatly for full non-slip function. The weather can come down as harsh as it likes, family members will never be at risk of sliding or tripping over the following day. Non-slip paint will never need to be purchased again!

Coppered oak decking and garden table

No risk of rot or lasting water damage

If that wasn’t enough, composite decking also does away with any water damage in general, with drawbacks like rot, swelling, and insect infection scientifically unable to occur. Even when the surface has been completely soaked in rain, you’ll have the peace of mind modern homeowners deserve without the need to maintain the decking. It’s fit and forget home improvement at its finest!

The natural beauty of timber decking without the drawbacks

Wood-free flooring might sound a little compromising at first but trust us when we say that it’s the exact opposite. With Millboard decking you’ll get to enjoy the attractive appearance of true timber panels without the high maintenance issues and slip risk. There’s even a multitude of wood tones to choose from (Golden Oak, Rosewood, Natural Oak), meaning it’s easy to be creative as well as safe when adding composite decking.


Feel safe when enjoying your garden space with decking from Reddish Joinery

If you’d like to experience the benefits of composite decking for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the Reddish Joinery team today. With over 50 years’ experience enhancing homes for the better and a family-run team of professionals, we can provide the tools you need to succeed when building your dream home.

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