Five gorgeous oak window photos

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

There’s no denying that the ‘natural’ look is an attractive prospect for all types of homeowner. Free from the typical outlandishness that can occur when colouring your windows to shades like Neon Orange or even an Aubergine, traditional oak windows remain a firm favourite for use in classic and contemporary properties alike.

You may have heard that wooden frames are tough to maintain, requiring constant tending to and looking after. However, a lot of these maintenance worries have been ironed out with more recent advances in timber engineering, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the full beauty of Oak’s natural woodgrains and general warmth. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 gorgeous oak window photos that prove it!

Golden oak windows fitted in an orangery

Classic golden oak windows never fail to make a stunning impact, as evidenced here via their installation into a modern orangery. Complete with a matching patio door adjacent to them, these oak windows give off a light summer vibe and will continue to do so throughout the year thanks to the natural grain of the wood.

Oak effect Accoya conservatory door

Bespoke oak windows coloured in Grey

This simple but effective set of four bespoke oak windows give off an understated feel thanks to a neutral dark Grey finish. The good thing about Grey is that it seamlessly ties with almost any property aesthetic. Especially when fitted using oak frames, grey windows are a comfort that can be enjoyed by all 365 days a year.

Accoya Grey-white window

Green oak windows against redbrick property

Speaking of tying in with any property, these Green oak windows achieve a similar effect, with a look that’s notably bold against the surrounding redbrick. The classic feel is kept successfully intact thanks to the combination of timber and the Chartwell Green shade. Taking its name from the county home of war-time prime minister, Chartwell Green oak windows ooze a sense of luxury.

Accoya timber windows

Rosewood oak bow windows

Still very much a natural look for timber, rosewood oak windows are the natural counterpart to light golden oak in that it’s a much darker and deep tone. The name refers to any richly hued timber that gives off a brownish look with duskier veining, and they perfectly work well when bowed to give the home up 3ft of extra space. Distinct, bold, and natural, Rosewood lets passers-by know you mean business.

Rosewood timber windows

Oak effect windows

If you’re someone who feels that true timber might not be for you, rest comfortably knowing that the authentic aesthetic can be successfully replicated. These oak effect windows are engineered in low maintenance and flexible timber, convincingly providing the look and feel of wood but at a much more affordable price point.

Oak effect flush sash window

Stunning oak windows that make for a creative impact

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when opting for any kind of oak window for your home. However you choose to have them fitted one thing’s for certain: they’ll always be a sensible and stunning addition. For more information on oak windows, get in touch with the Reddish Joinery team today!

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