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Last Updated: 13 May 2024

A uPVC front door with arched window above

No strangers to the odd abstract thought, here at Reddish Joinery we realised that there’s a lot of doors available in our product range: and a lot of days in the week. These doors have their own unique features and benefits: their personalities if you will. So do the days of the week. We thought it would be interesting to explore the personality of each door in a bit more detail and think about how they relate to the week:

Monday: Timber entrance doors

Reddish offer Dulux colour guarantee on all painted timber doors and windows
Monday is the foundation of the week: the day we get back to work and start new projects. Just as the work you complete on Monday forms a solid base upon which to build upon throughout the rest of the week, so timber entrance doors form the foundation for the performance of your home. Thanks to their thick, durable wooden slabs, timber entrance doors provide abundance of two of the most fundamental features of a property: security and warmth.

Tuesday: Stable doors

stable door
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With the week well underway, Tuesday often represents the day we begin to get snowed under with work and start looking for innovative ways to balance our to-do list. In this respect, the practicality of Tuesday is best represented by the dual uses of stable doors. Best thought of as a door that splits in two horizontally, stable doors allow you to ventilate a room whilst maintaining security and also keeping pets or small children inside.

Wednesday: Timber French door

Orangery in chartwell green
By Wednesday, the working week is halfway finished. That leads us to start thinking about what our plans are for the weekend: whether that’s relaxing, shopping or partying. The stunning, fairytale beauty of Timber French doors perfectly represents the fanciful daydreaming of Wednesday. Set in pairs, timber French doors open outwards on to a garden or open space and provide incredible heritage aesthetics.

Thursday: uPVC patio door

With the weekend in sight, Thursday is the day that gives hope to our flagging spirits and encourages us to anticipate the coming freedom of the weekend. uPVC patio doors represent this freedom incredibly well. Using a sliding opening mechanism, uPVC patio doors can improve the access between your home and garden, transforming the boundaries of space in your home.

Friday: Composite door

Rosewood composite front door with double doors
Composite doors are one of the most popular types of entrance door, so it only makes sense that they should represent the most popular day of the week: Friday! Made up of a variety of composite materials for improved performance, composite doors combine high density foam, timber and a GRP skin to create one of the best performing entrance doors available on the market.

Saturday: Bifold door

Sale Showroom Bifold doors
The day we’re most likely to put on our glad rags, let our hair down and party, the impressive elegance and fun of Saturday night is most perfectly represented by bifold doors. Mounted on tracks, bifold doors work by sliding and folding open which allows you to open as much or as little of a room as you want up to the outside. The beautiful elegance of bifold doors makes them perfect for a Saturday night spent entertaining friends!

Sunday: Internal door

reddish joinery
After all the excitement, (and possibly, the excess) of Friday and Saturday, many of us spend Sunday in the privacy of our homes, relaxing and recovering from the effects of the week! Naturally then, Sunday is perfectly represented by the internal door. This type of door is used in the inside of a home to define spaces and create boundaries between rooms. Perfect for creating additional privacy, internal doors can improve your relaxation and comfort by blocking out distractions: just what you need on a Sunday.

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