Composite door in a uPVC frame and vice versa – A door frame guide

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Accoya front door

Understandably, when thinking about swapping out our door for a new unit, we can often fall guilty of just considering what panel to use, when the surrounding frame is just as important. More than just a trimming that borders the slab, a door’s frame assures that heat is successfully locked in, they can open with ease, and remain airtight for paramount security.

In this blog, we’ll aim to clue you in about the many frame options on offer when installing a new entrance door. Helping you to better decide what setup will best suit all your doorway needs.

Composite door and frame

The two most popular door/frame combinations would undoubtedly be a Composite door in a uPVC frame and a uPVC door in a composite frame. The simple fact being that both materials work well to support each other in either alteration. Composite frames, much like their panels evoke a sense of tradition due to their door-like aesthetic, strong enough to support uPVC doors easily for homeowners who wish to enjoy the ultimate low-maintenance and affordability.

uPVC door and frame

Likewise, if you’re seeking to enjoy the unrivalled levels of insulation and security offered by a composite door panel, surrounding this in a uPVC frame is the most popular combination. Your door will open easily, but remain weathertight. We at Reddish always advise uPVC or composite door frame material, as timber (unless engineered like Accoya), could find it hard to take the stress.

Chartwell Green composite door

Unparalleled efficiency and insulation whatever your setup

The good news is that with either of these recommended door frame combinations, keeping the home warm will always be guaranteed, thanks to airtight installations from the Reddish team. Both our uPVC and composite entrance doors far surpass the necessary Building Regulation standards for energy efficiency, reducing energy bills and making for a worthwhile investment.

The opportunity to make a striking impression

Combining door and frame materials also presents homeowners with the unique opportunity to get creative, allowing you to find the perfect pairing as well the choice of a huge array of colours. Both uPVC and composite feature their own sets of shades, meaning that your new front entrance will easily be able to tie in neatly to shake up your home’s established character, or shake it up entirely.

Beautiful entrances from Reddish Joinery

Operating throughout Cheshire for a staggering 50 years, we at Reddish Joinery are experts at creating memorable entrances for local homeowners. So, if you’re feeling inspired or simply wish to learn more about our products/services, call our team today on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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