How to choose the best bi-folding doors for your home

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Timber bifold doors

If you’re looking to transform your property and open up your home to the outside, bi-folding doors are just the ticket. They’re available in three different materials: aluminium, uPVC and timber. But how can you decide which material is best for you? Well, let’s take a closer look at each of them and see if we can help at all.

uPVC bifolds

  • These tend to be cheaper than aluminium or timber variants. Whilst this is great for those operating on a budget, bear in mind that they also tend to be the least durable. Therefore, aluminium or timber variants may turn out to be a wiser investment as the years go by.
  • uPVC bifold doors are incredibly versatile; those from Reddish are available in the full range of RAL colours, meaning there are over a thousand shades to choose from.
  • They require only minimal amounts of upkeep to look their best. Wiping them down with a soft cloth and soapy water is all they’ll ever need.
  • Thanks to the use of multi-chambered profiles, uPVC bifold doors maintain an impressive thermal performance, ensuring they’ll keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Timber bi-folding doors

  • Wood is a naturally insulating material, meaning timber bifolds perform extremely well in terms of thermal efficiency.
  • Because timber is a natural product, it’s also the most eco-friendly, meaning it constitutes the best option for those looking to take more care of the environment.
  • We recommend repainting timber bifolds every 6-8 years to keep the doors sealed. This means they require more maintenance than the other materials. However, Accoya wood can last up to 50 years without any repainting.
  • Unlike the other materials, timber can be repainted a different colour, meaning you’re able to alter their appearance whenever you feel like it. Many often feel timber has a warm, timeless quality, which is perfect for traditional properties too.

Aluminium bi-fold doors

  • Of the three materials, aluminium is the strongest, meaning aluminium bifolds feature slimmer frames and larger portions of glass. This means they allow more light inside your home than uPVC and timber variants.
  • As a result of their slimmer frames, aluminium bifold doors are perfect for achieving that modern, minimalist look.
  • Aluminium bifolds tend to be the most expensive option of the three, however aluminium is a highly durable material, meaning the doors are built to last. Like uPVC variants, they require very little upkeep too.
  • Metals tend to be good conductors, meaning aluminium offers slightly poorer levels of thermal insulation than the other materials. However, modern bifolds tend to feature polyamide thermal breaks which improve their thermal performance significantly.

Interested in a set of bifolds for your home? Reddish Joinery supply them in uPVC, aluminium or timber, depending on your preferences. Call us on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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