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Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Whether choosing a composite door from a vast range of styles or a bespoke timber door, there are always plenty of questions that spring to mind when it comes to choosing a new front door. In this post, we are explaining different aspects to consider when picking out your new front door. Let’s start with making sure you pick the right choice of material:

Accoya timber front doors

Accoya timber has almost revolutionised the window and door industry. The fact that Accoya timber doesn’t swell, warp, bend or twist like some hardwoods or softwoods means that the doors operate as beautifully in the winter as they do in the summer & vice versa. With the stability of the material being so good, it means that styles that you wouldn’t usually associate with a timber door are achievable and you can have the confidence that the material wouldn’t either spoil or let the overall appearance down in a short period of time.

Traditional timber doors are a large part of our business due to the area’s we work in. Beautiful bolection mouldings and refurbished leaded lights have been a mainstay of our weekly work for as long as we can remember. If your home has lost some of its period features as time’s gone by, then we can make a bespoke leaded light with the help of 3 trusted companies that we constantly work alongside. You could even design your own leaded light if you have the talent!

Pink accoya wood door with side panels

What colour front door should you pick?

Now the difficult decision; the choice of colour! We can match all colours from all ranges from Farrow & Ball to standard RAL or BS colours, so the possibilities are almost endless, making your timber door individual and bespoke to exactly what you want. This will become your door and it’s very unlikely that you will see another one that’s exactly the same. A bespoke Accoya timber door is the first thing you are greeted by when you arrive home and, more importantly to some people, it’s the first thing your friends and relatives will see when they arrive.

All of this is achievable and it’s what we do almost every day. Why not have something bespoke made to your requirements at a local company. All of this with an insurance backed company guarantee and a 50-year warranty on the timber.

How much is a new timber door?

Like most things that are bespoke, the cost can vary significantly. A very good guide price for a traditional or modern timber door would be between £3000 & £5000. This includes vat and installation.

Composite doors

On the face of it, composite doors can sometimes look like they are all the same no matter who’s you choose. That’s why we have chosen a specific Safeguard composite door to compliment what we offer our customers based on the vast range of glass designs, styles of doors from traditional to cotemporary and cottage styles, there really is something for everyone.

A composite door can be fitted with a variety of hardware and they also come available in a range of colours. The colour choice is large and from a set range from standard black’s and grey’s through to bright yellow so, like on timber doors, you can choose a colour from the range to make your door bespoke to your property.

What does a composite door cost?

A composite door, like timber, will vary depending on the final specification. A guide price for a composite door is in the area of £1800-£2800 including vat and installation.

Oak composite door

What factors affect the price of my timber door or composite door?

There’s always a base model to everything from cars to holidays and it’s no different with doors. The factors that will change the price are aspects such as colour. Do you want it the same colour inside and outside? Do you want a wood stain colour? Do you want the frame the same colour as the door? Although the actual colour choice doesn’t make a difference, having dual colours will raise the price of the door. A dual colour is where the interior and exterior of the door are different colours.

Mint green Accoya wood timber doors

Then there’s the door lock and handle. All of our timber and composite doors come with high-performance locking mechanisms and cylinders. The mechanism is built into the side of the door and is usually handle operated as standard, but you can upgrade to a heritage door lock with a finger pull and doorknob, or even a modern stainless steel square or round bar handle. Every door comes with a 3-star cylinder that you can, and should, register to your property for the best protection and safety.

Probably the last remaining factor that affects the price of your door is the style of the house. Victorian houses tend to have a lot of detail internally that will be removed with the door frame. We can provide a range of architraves and internal decorative components that will match or be sympathetic to the original style. We will leave you with a door that you will want to show off time and time again.

Find your perfect new front door with Reddish

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