Why choose timber windows and doors?

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Accoya front door

It’s a question we here at Reddish get asked more than most – “Why choose timber windows and doors?”. Believe it or not we’re still left baffled by people’s belief that such an inherently beautiful and sustainable choice of material pales in comparison to its modern counterparts, but thankfully we’re here to continue leading the charge in favour of timber home improvement products.

To explain our reasoning behind such a stance indefinitely, we’ve put together all the reasons why we believe timber windows and doors are just as applicable to homes as much as uPVC or aluminium.

Our timber products are engineered for modern performance

All our timber windows and doors come manufactured using a specific kind of engineered timber known as ‘Accoya’, resulting in wooden products that easily rival uPVC and aluminium. It undergoes a process called acetylation which enhances the technical properties of the timber cells, giving it extra durability and strength while maintaining natural beauty. It’s wood, but perfected!

Increasing the timber’s performance in this way gives it the ability to accommodate larger panes of glazing, subtly making for more natural light entry and wider outside views. The changes made to the cell structure also makes our timber windows and doors completely indigestible to any potential insects that may find their way onto the outside frames. All this is accomplished while never compromising the material’s natural insulation qualities.

The most authentic choice for traditional windows and doors

Those lucky enough to reside in a traditional-style property evocative of days gone by will understandably want to maintain said property’s character, whether that’s due to conservation restrictions or personal preference. And while uPVC and aluminium both have their ways of replicating timber’s natural look and feel, our Accoya products are the genuine article. And for this there is no substitute.

Sash windows

Though engineered, Accoya retains its natural beauty, and as such regularly gains conservation approval to merge in seamlessly with even the oldest of UK properties. What’s more this classic aesthetic is successfully maintained while removing the usual high maintenance sensibilities timber of the past typically required. There’ll be no need to varnish, and no need to re-paint.

Exceedingly long lifespan of up to 50 years

Helping to ensure that any homeowner who invests in Accoya window and doors are easily able to reap back their investment, all frames come with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. If this wasn’t enough, Accoya windows can be safely re-used or recycled once it reaches its end, never having an adverse impact on the surrounding environment.

Timber windows and doors + Reddish Joinery = The perfect pairing

We’ve been a big proponent for timber windows and doors for as long as 50 years, advising those interested of the modern material’s inherent benefits and simultaneously debunking any false myths. To learn more about why they might suit your needs, call our team today on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online.

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