6 reasons why Cheshire-based homeowners should get their composite doors from us

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

When looking to reinvent your Cheshire home’s front entrance, you can’t do much better than a high-performance composite door. Made up using a mixture of materials to harness the benefits of both uPVC and timber, they have a lot to offer homeowners both style and security-wise. We at Reddish Joinery should know, having installed them now for well over 50 years. Why choose composite doors from us? Here are just a few simple reasons!

Black traditional composite door

1. A local installer with a familiarity of Cheshire

The first way we make perfect sense to install composite doors in Cheshire, is simply because it’s our main base of operation. Working in the area for half a century certainly has its benefits, and one of them is that we’ve installed composites everywhere from Runcorn and Macclesfield to Winsford. This means we can arrive on site as swiftly as possible, installing your new entrance in the nick of time.

2. Composite doors reinforced by aluminium/carbon fibre for added strength

Composite doors are renowned for their strong sense of safety, largely because of their dense make-up which comprises of multiple materials. Our units our unique in that they feature a core that can be reinforced either by aluminium or carbon fibre. Both serve to provide adequate defence in the event of forced entry, successfully keeping out any unwanted visitors.

3. A++ rated for year-round comfort and top energy efficiency

As well as impressive strength, composite doors are an asset to any Cheshire-based homeowner looking to reduce energy costs. This is because we install them to achieve an A++ level energy rating, far beyond what’s required by current British Building Regulations. Such airtight fitting means that energy bills can be reduced thanks to your composite allowing heat to be better locked in, removing pesky draughts and cold spots for good.

Arched RockDoor composite door

4. 25 panel styles and 256 colour finishes to choose from

Ensuring that every home can feel unique and distinguished within the street, Reddish Joinery’s selection of composite doors come in a range of panel styles with multiple colour finishes to choose from. Performance and security is never compromised but homeowners still have the capability to personalise their new front entrance. Such customisation is further increased thanks to dual-colouring which allows for separate finishes on either side of the composite slab.

5. Generous lifespan of three decades

Representing a great return of your initial investment, composite doors have an exceeding long lifespan of up to 30 years. This far improves upon what homeowners can expect from a standard uPVC front entrance, and despite this, with composites always remaining relatively maintenance-free throughout this time.

6. 10-Year composite door guarantee for added peace of mind

Composite doors are included in Reddish Joinery’s 10-year guarantee, backed by the GGFI who provide protection on the unlikely occasion that we cease trading. Because of this, you can enjoy your new composite door knowing that Reddish are on hand should anything happen to it during the first decade.

Composite doors that do so much more from Reddish Joinery

As you can see, composite doors from Reddish Joinery accomplish some pretty amazing things, particularly for those seeking an entrance with a lot of design choice and is inherently strong. If you’d like to learn more about the perfect fit for you, contact a member of the team today either on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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