Case study: Glazed orangery extension in Flixton

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

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We recently installed an uPVC glazed orangery extension in Flixton. The owners of the property in question wanted to achieve the extra space afforded by a conservatory, without compromising on privacy. We suggested that they think about installing an orangery extension.

What is an orangery?

Closely related to the conservatory, orangeries were originally used by rich landowners as a winter sheltering place for citrus plants. During the Victorian period, they began to take on more of a social function and today orangeries help to add a touch of traditional elegance to a home.

An orangery follows the basic design principle of a conservatory in providing a structure that has large glazed areas for extra natural light transmission, but a key difference is the addition of brick corner pillars that add privacy and a sense of permanency to the structure itself. Put simply, an orangery extension is a combination of a conservatory, orangery and an extension.

Our glazed orangery extension

We constructed an orangery extension for the homeowners. This structure combined increased natural light transmission of a conservatory with the added privacy benefits of an orangery. It also increased the footprint of the property, increasing the amount of practical space that the homeowners could enjoy.

We also used high quality double glazing in the orangery extension to ensure that it had high levels of thermal retention and energy efficiency. This will hopefully help to reduce the energy consumption of a home, saving the property money on the cost of its heating bills.

uPVC: a great material for an orangery

Modern uPVC is both thermally efficient and great value. Thanks to innovative thermal break technology, a uPVC orangery has great thermal insulation, meaning that it can keep a home warm for longer and potentially reduce the cost of your heating bills.

uPVC also has a long life span and is incredibly easy to maintain, requiring just the occasional wipe clean with a cloth.

Happy homeowners!

The owners of the home in question were very satisfied with the finished orangery extension, and we were pleased to have been able to help. For more information please give us a call on 0161 969 7474 or send us an email.

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