Aluminium windows vs timber windows - the pros & cons of each

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Aluminium and timber windows are two excellent window choices. Each of them, however, has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. So to help you decide which best meets your requirements, we’ve looked at aluminium and wood windows for this blog.

Advantages of aluminium windows

aluminium windows in white outside view

  • Aluminium is an incredibly rigid material that easily keeps its shape. No matter if it’s exposed to the bitter cold, boiling heat or extreme wind, it will not warp or twist.
  • Thanks to the introduction of polyamide thermal breaks, aluminium windows can insulate homes just as well as other types of window.
  • Because aluminium is incredibly strong, aluminium window frames can be made thinner than other types of framing. This means they feature larger areas of glass so they allow more light into your home.
  • These slender frames come in crisp, clean lines, making them an ideal fit for any contemporary properties.
  • Any RAL colour can be applied to aluminium windows. Matt, gloss and woodgrain finishes can also be applied, giving you an incredible amount of choice for the finish. Reddish also offer a special Coatex finish, which is low maintenance and scratch-resistant.
  • Aluminium is fully recyclable, therefore, by using it, you’re able to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cons of aluminium windows

  • Technically, you could attempt to repaint aluminium window frames but it is not recommended.
  • Many think aluminium windows are not particularly well suited to period properties or those that are traditional in style.
  • Aluminium is a strong conductor of heat. Therefore, any aluminium windows that are not equipped with thermal breaks tend to insulate homes relatively poorly. Fortunately, the ones we install here at Reddish have been fitted with thermal barriers.

Advantages of timber windows

Accoya timber window

  • Timber is able to be repainted in a different colour. So, if you fancy changing the look of your windows at some point, you can.
  • A distinct advantage of timber windows is their exceptional lifespan. Provided you re-treat them when you should, keep them clean and maintain the hardware, they can easily last a lifetime.
  • As timber is the traditional material used to make windows, wooden windows are a perfect fit for any period properties or traditional homes.
  • Wood is an exceptional insulator, therefore, timber windows will make your home noticeably more energy efficient.
  • A completely natural material, timber windows are a great choice for anyone looking for a sustainable window solution.
  • Thanks to wood’s natural beauty, timber windows look great and will add a touch of class to any locations they’re fitted.

Limitations of timber windows

  • It’s easy to keep timber windows clean, however, in order to prevent them succumbing to rot, they will need retreating now and again. We recommend that you re-treat them during the first 18-24 months after they’re installed and then every 6-8 years after.
  • Wood that hasn’t been retreated is prone to termite infestation, which can severely damage the wood.

Are wood or aluminium window frames cheaper?

Generally, aluminium window frames are cheaper than wooden ones. However, timber windows have a longer lifespan, plus they tend to be better at trapping heat, meaning lower heating bills. So, whilst the initial outlay for them might be slightly higher, they might offer better value in the long term.

Looking for aluminium windows that look like wood? Check out wood aluminium windows!

Wood Effect Aluminium WindowIt’s hard to go wrong with either aluminium or timber windows, even though you might feel one option suits your home better than the other. However, if you want timber aluminium windows (aluminium windows that look like wood), you’ll be pleased to hear that you can get wood-look aluminium windows. These are achieved by spraying aluminium window frames in a textured woodgrain effect and traditional timber colour.

For aluminium and wood windows, look no further than Reddish Joinery

If you’re interested in either type of window for your home, get in touch with Reddish Joinery. We’re available to call on 0161 969 7474 or you can contact us online.

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