6 reasons to choose wooden windows over uPVC

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

Too often are we led to believe that the past isn’t worth thinking about. Well not in the case of windows, doors, and conservatories from Reddish joinery. Experienced in helping homeowners in places like Stockport, Hale, and other areas in the North east, we truly believe that traditional wooden windows hold their own against modern uPVC. Here are 6 reasons why:

Accoya timber window

1. An Inherently vintage look

Wooden windows beat uPVC every time in terms of offering both period and contemporary homes the ultimate classic touch. Prior to being overtaken by its plastic cousin, timber was the preferred choice for 19th century windows in Britain, thus making it the ideal choice for those seeking authenticity. Modern timber has improved tenfold since then, letting 21st century homeowners enjoy both classic looks with unparalleled efficiency.

2. Sourced from sustainable forests

All our wooden windows come engineered in timber sourced from sustainable softwood forests. This is meticulously done to decrease the environmental impact as much as possible, with each frame being FSC and PEFC certified to ensure appropriate practices are always being followed. Wood is also more recyclable than uPVC, making it just as environmentally friendly towards the end of its long lifecycle.

3. Naturally insulating to make for a warmer home

Despite common misconceptions wood is a natural insulator, therefore making the material a great candidate for any home’s windows and doors. Once installed, any present heat in the home will always have a tough time escaping, meaning homeowners can rely less on artificial warming methods and instead enjoy a comfortable and lower cost living space.

Accoya wood windows

4. Longer lifespan for lasting beauty

We’re proud to offer wooden windows Stockport properties can enjoy for anywhere up to 60 years. This is the kind of lifespan simply unattainable by uPVC, and more than makes up for the initial price premium. uPVC windows are cost-effective but last up to 20 years, whereas wooden windows will continue to spoil homes with their beauty well into the future when used as a long-term investment.

5. Widely accepted for use in conservation areas

As some people lucky enough to reside in a period home will know, certain areas of Britain are classed under conservation. Signifying specific locations that are of special architectural or historic interest, most properties featured are only allowed to utilise wooden windows. This is all done in an effort to preserve the characteristics of notable properties, and local council authorities look down on incorporating uPVC frames unless styled to look like timber.

6. Easy to customise and re-colour

Though you might not think it, wooden windows are actually incredibly customisable despite their intrinsic authenticity. Whereas with uPVC windows homeowners are forced to make that all-important aesthetic decision and then live with it, timber frames can be painted, sanded, and then re-painted to better let your home stay up to date with current trends.

Trusted timber solutions from the dedicated Reddish team

If you’d like to make the most of wooden windows in lieu of uPVC, hopefully we’ve helped shed a little light on why it’s an option worth considering.

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