5 Ways integrated blinds help make life easier

Last Updated: 20 September 2023

partially open integrated blinds

We all know that it’s the little things in life that have the potential to make the biggest difference, and that sentiment is something that is easily carried over into any home improvement project. More and more the construction market is looking for new and innovative ways to make the day-to-day life of You, the homeowner just that little bit easier. Integrated Blinds are just one way of achieving this!

1. The ultimate in privacy

Obviously one of the biggest benefits of any set of blinds be they traditional or integrated, is the ability to adjust the slats so that they provide you with the required level of privacy. When opened the blinds will still provide unimpeded views, but the big advantage when using integrated blinds is the fact that you always have complete control, meaning you can achieve privacy to your exact requirements.

2. No cleaning required

Whereas traditional blind systems that are situated along the outside of your window’s pane can sometimes be prone to accumulating dirt and dust which can eventually lead to further damage. Because integrated blinds are hermetically sealed between two panes of glass within the window, you’ll never have to worry about maintaining the slats. They will always remain protected from the elements.

3. Tilted operation for increased control over light and heat

A big advantage of integrated blinds from Reddish Joinery, is the ability to have total control over your blinds, meaning that you have the ability to achieve the exact light entry and heat level able to enter the home. Thanks to an innovative tilted operation which is exceedingly easy to use, no matter how specific or detailed you wish to be with your comfort, ideal levels can always be accomplished.

closed integrated blinds

4. Slim line internal slats

Whereas most other blind systems make privacy their main concern, all of our integrated blinds use extremely slim slats to allow for increased light as well as the ability to enjoy panoramic views. At Reddish we understand that despite having a blind system present in your windows, you’d like to be able to enjoy the outside, slim line internal slats allow for exactly that!

5. Operated either by cord or magnetic slider

Delivering on their promise of making blind operation just that little bit easier, integrated blinds are available in a range of operation configurations that includes both cord and magnetic slider. Depending on what system works best for you, homeowners can operate their blinds traditionally by a cord, through the use of a slider that can simply be pushed up or down to control the opening degree. It’s even possible to operate your blinds remotely!

An innovative integrated design from Reddish Joinery

Acting as a seamless integration within the window, integrated blinds are easy to clean, never need dusting and provide the user with endless operational ability.

For more information on how they can enhance your home, call us on 0161 969 7474 or make an enquiry for free online.

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