5 things to consider when choosing internal doors for your home

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

internal double doorsSo you want to spruce up your home’s interior with some shiny new internal doors, but you’re not quite sure what you want. Where to start?

At Reddish Joinery, we’re able to create a huge array of internal timber doors, in virtually any style, and with virtually all types of glazing and hardware options. Understandably, it’s hard to know what style is right for you, and what kind of door is going to fit with your home

The right internal door for your home is going to provide you with a beautiful partition between the rooms of your house – that’s why we’ve created this quick 5 step guide to ensure you make the right choice!

1. Wood type

The door’s wood type is going to form the basis for your door, so getting this bit right is pretty important. The type of wood you choose is fundamental because it’ll not only affect how your door will look, but also how it will perform.

If you want a robust internal door which is in keeping with traditional aesthetics, go for something like hardwood oak (of which there are many varieties). A hardwood oak door will also provide great soundproofing because of the high-density of the material. They’re built to last, and provide a timeless appearance for your home.

For something more cost effective and low maintenance, you may want to consider a softwood alternative, such as pine. If you’re unsure, always be sure to ask your manufacturer or supplier about your requirements.

2. Door configurations

This depends on the size of your home, of course, but it’s still something you should consider when choosing your next internal door. If you’ve got a small space to work with, a single door may suffice – with the option of side lights for extra light and decoration.

With larger spaces you’ll be able to accommodate double or even folding internal doors which really open up your home and create large, versatile living spaces. Large internal doors like this can transform your home into great hosting spaces, making them great for events of all nature.

3. Style

Timber internal doors can be made in a huge range of styles – suiting both modern and traditional homes. To offer you the most choice possible, Reddish provide a bespoke service, manufacturing internal doors in virtually any style, including flush, stile and rail, and moulded panel styles.

Whether you want a solid timber door for privacy and high levels of sound insulation, or a glazed internal door for increased levels of light, airiness and a heightened sense of space, internal doors are available in almost any style to suit your home.

4. Glazing options

One thing you’ll definitely want to think about is glazing. Many interior door styles are able to incorporate glass into their design, and the addition of glazing can greatly increase levels of light between the rooms of your home.

You’ll be able to choose from different types of glass depending on how energy efficient you want it to be, and you’ll usually be able to select what glass pattern you want your door to have – whether it’s traditional fan lights or modern vertical strips.

5. Internal door hardware

It’s important that you choose the right hardware for your internal door, as it’s all the stuff you’ll be interacting with. The door’s hardware is what makes your door ‘feel’ like your door, so have a browse of all available hardware and select the handles and hinges which suit you and your home.

Most manufacturers will have a wide selection of traditional and modern hardware in a range of finishes, including gold, brass, and brushed metals.

Timber internal door specialists in Reddish

Reddish Joinery are Manchester-based joiners specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of internal doors. All internal doors are made to measure for a perfect fit, and are available with a huge range of wood types, glazing options and hardware.

For the perfect internal door for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us here, or call on 0161 969 7474.

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