5 myths about Timber Windows

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Timber Georgian sliding sash windows

As experts in the manufacture and installation of timber windows, we’re still baffled to hear a number of the myths surrounding them. Quite frankly, some of them are totally absurd! So to set the record straight, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the key misconceptions surrounding timber windows that we found truly remarkable.

They’re overly expensive

Whilst it’s true the initial outlay for timber windows is usually slightly higher than uPVC or aluminium windows, they actually constitute better value in the long run. When treated regularly and properly taken care of, they can last a lifetime. They can also add considerable value to a property and are often highly sought after by prospective homebuyers – a useful tip for anyone who is considering selling their home.

Timber windows are unable to be double glazed

This misconception likely arose because, traditionally, timber windows were always single glazed. However, modern timber windows can be double glazed which, when combined with the fantastic insulating qualities of timber, ensures for a greatly impressive thermal performance.

Only suitable for traditional properties

Because most of the windows fitted in the Edwardian and Victorian period were constructed from timber, many believe that they’re only suitable for use in these, and other, traditional types of property. Plus, when looking to replace timber windows on homes situated in conservation areas, sometimes a like for like replacement is the only viable option. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be adapted to modern homes. The reality is quite the opposite! They can be finished in virtually any colour, can be repainted a different one once installed and they can be fitted with a variety of glazing types.

Excessive upkeep is required

Wrongfully, timber has regularly been advertised as requiring ‘excessive’ amounts of upkeep in order to prevent it from succumbing to rot. Well, we would argue that recoating them every 6-8 years is not remotely excessive. Especially when you consider the fact they’re able to last a lifetime.

uPVC windows offer higher security levels than wooden windows

The security of a window is affected by the hardware in use and the overall quality of the installation, not the material of the framing. A multipoint locking system should be fitted on all types of window. These secure it at multiple points in the frame, making forced entry exceedingly more difficult. If these are fitted, regardless of the material, security levels should be about the same. Reddish fits all our windows with multipoint locks.

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