5 creative ways to make your bespoke door live up to its title!

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

A composite front door

Meaning that homeowners are no longer beholden to specific styles or design with regards to their choice of entrance door, modern CNC machinery lets us supply doors of any size, shape, or preference. But where do you start when being presented with so much bespoke door options? The Reddish team have put a few ideas together:

1. A full suite of eye-grabbing colour tones
stable door

In either uPVC or timber, one of the most identifiable and easy methods of customising your bespoke door is the choice of colour. The options are almost limitless thanks to our ability to supply doors in any shade found in the RAL range, which itself consists over 100 distinct shades. From the subtle charm of Chartwell Green to the boldness of Red, no longer is there a need to settle for simple White.

2. Incorporate stained glass

Offering you the opportunity to make use of a bespoke door that introduces increased privacy as well as beautiful aesthetics, decorative glass integration serve well to add a more personable touch. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced artisans that can aid you in selecting the perfect stained glass window design. When necessary we can create a completely original design, truly making your bespoke door live up to its title, with a design unable to be found anywhere else.

Blue Accoya front door3. Configurable astragal bars

A must for any homeowner seeking to add a touch of indistinguishable authenticity, the chosen astragal bar pattern plays an important role in determining the time period your bespoke door can be evocative of. “6 over 6 pane” designs are reminiscent of the Georgian period, while “2 over 2” grid pattern was made popular in the Victorian era. Edwardian patterns combine the two, so depending on the age of your home might influence your chosen pattern.

4. Customisable handles and furniture

Although for some a very small feature, our bespoke doors can be fitted with a selection of unique handles and furniture, from traditional monkey tail handles to something a little more modern. All options never compromise the user experience, with home transitions staying practical and seamless but now also stylish.

5. Side panels

Providing you have the space or need to fill a large aperture, integrating a set of side panels either side of your main entrance door style is a great way of creating a lasting impression each time you transition in or out. Side panels also improve the level of natural light entry capable of penetrating through the front of the home, enhancing ventilation while creating a French-style look without actual French doors.

Get the most out of your replacement entrance door with Reddish

We hope that these 5 ideas have played some part in terms of sparking the level of creativity possible when opting for a bespoke door from our range.

For more ideas, methods, and information on how to make your home unique, feel free to call our team today on 0161 969 7474 or contact us online today.

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