4 quick home cleaning hacks

The current lockdown is meaning that we are all having to spend more time in our homes. Have you noticed that your home needs a bit of TLC? If so our 4 quick home cleaning hacks could be right up your street. Give them a go and make your home sparkle inside and out!

Make your windows sparkle with a newspaper

Rosewood effect window

If you are struggling to see clearly through your windows, it might be a good idea to give them a good clean inside and out. Choose a dry, cloudy day. Cleaning your windows in the heat, means they dry too quickly and will leave unsightly streaks. Before you start, make sure you give them a good dusting to remove any loose dirt and debris. Give your windows a liberal spray with cleaning solution, then using a scrunched-up sheet of newspaper, wipe the window dry. Use a mixture of circular, vertical and horizontal movements until all the liquid has disappeared.

Whilst you are cleaning your windows, it’s a good idea to give them a thorough inspection too. Have a good look at the frames, hinges, and locks, making sure they all open, shut and lock properly. Inspect your seals, checking that they are intact and there is no damage to the glazing too. Damaged windows can allow heat to escape, they can also make your home more vulnerable to unwanted visitors. If you notice any defects, it could be time to contact a double-glazing specialist for more advice.

Bring your upholstery back to life with shaving foam

Do you have stains on your sofa or cushions? If so, this cleaning hack could be perfect for you.  Give the affected area a small squirt of shaving foam and work it into the fabric with a soft brush. A toothbrush is ideal. Sponge off any excess with a damp cloth, and blot dry. Do not soak your fabric, as this only encourages the stain to spread. Before starting, it is wise to test a small area first, to make sure your fabric is suitable. Also make sure it is shaving foam, as shaving gel will not work!

Spruce up your doors inside and out

Oak effect uPVC bifold doors

Doors are often neglected when it comes to household cleaning routines. However, with a bit of TLC your doors at home (both inside and out), could soon look as good as new!

Make sure you give all your doors a good brush down first to remove any excess dirt. To clean, simply use diluted washing up liquid and warm water and give a good clean, pay attention to the corners. Give them a rinse with clean water and then dry with a paper towel, lint-free cloth or chamois leather.

Again, take time to inspect your doors making sure they and their frames are free from damage. Inspect your hinges and locks too. If your doors are ill-fitting or past their best, why not consider investing in a new door? We have an impressive range for you to choose from, all offering supreme energy efficiency, security and easy maintenance. 

Banish those bathroom blues with a grapefruit


If your sink or bathtub is suffering from tide marks that you just can’t shift. Try blasting them away with grapefruit and some salt!  Simply sprinkle some salt into your bath, then use half of a firm grapefruit to rub the salt in. Squeeze the juice out of the grapefruit as you are rubbing. You might need to use a few pieces of grapefruit. When cleaned, rinse the bath down with fresh water. Before starting test a small section of your bath or washbasin, to ensure you do not leave harsh scratch marks.

Always putting you and your home first

We hope you’ve found our 4 top cleaning hacks useful, and you enjoy bringing the sparkle back to your home. If we can help with any home-improvement project be it replacement windows or doors, then please call us on 0161 969 7474 or get in contact online today. We can carry out appointments via Zoom or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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