3 essentials for a sleek city garden

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

Born out of the necessity for high-rise residents to experiment and get creative with their property’s rather compact outside living spaces, city gardens might appear limiting at first, but actually serve as the foundation for a lot of ingenuity. Typically appearing in the form of a balcony, roof terrace, or even walkway, these three essentials will help take your city garden to the next level.

Install an attractive set of open-out French Doors

French doors interior

One of the easiest and most effective ways to give the impression of an extended space, French doors installed to open outwards create a natural ambience between the home’s in and outside. Especially if supplied to make use of sleek uPVC or timber frames, lines will be blurred as you enjoy the wide-open view of your city garden from the comfort of your flat or apartment.

City gardens – especially those that are up a few storeys – can sometimes suffer from a lack of privacy if overlooking the cityscape. Luckily, the double-door opening action of French doors allows them to be utilised as natural dividers, defining the space of your city garden further while still maintaining an appreciated sense of discretion.

Let your greenery flourish both in and outside your garden room

Because of the restricted space, city gardens are renowned for the large amount of plant and shrub clusters that fill out the area. It’s not uncommon for potted plants to hang from above, long leaves to spool out onto the patio/decking, and just generally resemble a rather wild Jungle-esque environment. Things can get even more interesting when incorporating a garden room.

Coppered oak decking and garden table

Providing you have enough square footage within your city garden, the Reddish team would highly recommend adding a garden room where possible. An independent space that is the perfect way to grow and house citrus plants, garden rooms are what you make them and are great for managing the otherwise sprawling greenery present in your outside space.

Define space and apply organisation with a patio walkway

An effortless method of better defining space in any city garden is the implementation of sectioned paving or decking. Not only will this create a better sense of structure while still allowing any present plantation to flourish, but it can help bring about a touch of organisation and symmetry in an area that could otherwise appear overgrown or chaotic.

Helping homeowners to create a memorable city garden

We at Reddish Joinery know a thing or two about getting the most from your garden. And just because you might reside in a property that isn’t blessed with space, doesn’t mean you can’t let your city garden live up to its full potential.

For more information on ways to make this possible, call us today on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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