10 reasons why every home should have timber doors

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Timber has been a stand out choice for doors for centuries, and that’s no coincidence.

One of our timber doorsWith a range of external and internal benefits, there are 10 clear reasons why every home should choose timber doors.

1. Thermal performance

Timber is hard to beat in terms of energy efficiency. A naturally insulating material, timber absorbs heat and helps to retain it within living spaces.

Choosing timber doors therefore means heat will stay in those areas prone to draughts, such as hallways and rear entrances.

2. Unrivalled aesthetics

Think of an elegant door and chances are you think or timber. With beautiful natural grains and textures, timber doors are very easy on the eye.

Other materials often attempt to imitate timber doors, so why not go straight for the real thing?

3. Suitable for any home

Timber doors are available in a range of styles, meaning they can suit more traditional and contemporary properties.

Enhance an existing traditional character in cottage and period homes, or add a touch of history to new builds – there isn’t a home that timber doors won’t suit!

4. Sound insulation

internal timber doorsGoing hand in hand with thermal insulation is noise reduction. Thanks to naturally rigid structures, timber doors help to minimise outside noise pollution.

This includes noise from neighbours, roads and other transport links. With a new door, your home will become a more peaceful environment for all inside.

5. Enhanced safety

Flimsy door and window materials are often to blame for residential thefts, but with timber doors you can be safe in the knowledge that your front door is far less likely to make your home a victim to crime.

Not only is timber strong, but doors can be enhanced with the latest security hardware, posing a barrier for even the most daring of burglars.

6. Durability

Modern timber home improvements are usually made from the latest engineered wood species, including Accoya – one of the most advanced timbers available today.

Combined with the natural durability of wood, this means that timber doors last for decades.

7. Easy to maintain

Manufactured with the latest sealants and finishes, modern timber doors are also far more weatherproof and less susceptible to rot, warping and corrosion.

timber-front-doorsThis is great news for anyone who is worried about repainting or maintenance hassle – modern timber doors made today seriously reduce the stress that comes with maintenance, and leave you more time to enjoy your home.

8. Guilt-free home improvements

Not only are many timber doors made from sustainably sourced materials, but timber is fully recyclable. This means that the overall environmental impact of your door is significantly less than with other door materials.

Even when your door comes to the end of its usable life (which is a very long time away), the wood can be completely recycled and made into a new home improvement. Timber doors allow you to enhance your personal environment without damaging the wider environment!

9. Want to stand out from the crowd?

With many natural grains and a selection of timbers to choose from, your door will be truly bespoke. There will be no risk of a home on your street getting the same door!

Reputable installers will also offer a range of door styles and colours, meaning you can reflect your personality in your door – ideal for that flash of colour and ideal finishing touch!

10. Reddish Joinery are experts in timber doors

double timber doorIt’s all in the name – Reddish Joinery are experts when it comes to timber. Whether doors, windows or living spaces, our highly skilled installers have worked with timber home improvements for years and have pleased many customers across Greater Manchester and Cheshire with bespoke installations.

Whether your home is more traditional or contemporary, you can gain peace of mind that a timber door from Reddish will sympathise with your home’s character and your own personal style and needs.

For more information regarding any of our products contact us on 0161 969 7474 or get in touch online.

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