10 Reasons to choose timber doors

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

At Reddish Joinery, it’s absolutely no secret that we’re big fans of wood-based products. We’ve been at the forefront of offering timber doors Stockport homeowners can get behind and enjoy in their home for well over 50 years, being ideal for period properties seeking to retain authenticity and modern builds hoping to add charm.

Regardless of the scenario that best applies to you, timber doors are often a sensible and worthwhile purchase. Here’s 10 reasons why:

Timber internal door

1. An inherently classical entrance aesthetic

Though redefined for the modern age, Reddish Joinery timber doors still evoke a sense of the classical thanks to their wooden construction. Timber was the standard material choice for windows and doors throughout the 19th century, so it makes sense that we still associate contemporary equivalents with a “rustic” feel.

2. Natural insulation for a more comfortable home

While uPVC and aluminium entrance styles rely on multi-layered cores, internal chambers, and other design elements to provide high levels of insulation, timber doors do this naturally. The makeup of true wood acts as an easy barrier that ensures any heat generated inside will never escape. This creates a warmer atmosphere inside that is more comfortable, all without the need to rely on artificial heating methods.

3. Minimal maintenance for long-lasting style

Original timber door panels would require vast amounts of looking after in order to stay looking tip top. Endless varnishing, coating, and painting would be a big time-sink, but thankfully with modern timber doors this is no longer the case. All that’s required is a simple touch up every 6 years or so, and your new timber doors will continue to look great for many years to come.

4. Sustainably sourced from renewable forests

There’s a common misconception that opting for a timber door means inflicting at least some degree of harm on the environment. Not true. Modern timber products are engineered using wood sourced from sustainable forests that has been FSC and PEFC certified. This allows UK homeowners to enjoy classic style while maintaining a reduced carbon footprint.

Timber oak entrance door

5. Readily customisable to various colours

A major advantage timber doors have over their composite or uPVC equivalents, is their ability to be customised and re-coloured without the need to remove the entire panel. Due to timber’s ability to be coated, when trends change or personal preferences differ it’s easy to re-paint your timber door to any desired colour.

6. Approved for use in conservation areas

Some areas in the UK are protected under what’s known as “Conservation”, signifying locations that’s character should be retained due to either architectural or historical interest. Thankfully we at Reddish use a specific brand of engineered wood known as Accoya which has built up a reputation for regularly gaining local governmental approval. The same can’t be said for most other options.

7. Resistant to harsh weather and fading

Modern timber now does an excellent job at fending off the harshest of elements, offering homeowners high levels of wind, air, and water resistance. Historically timber would be prone to frequent rattling which could result in annoyance, but no longer. The risks of fading have now also been lowered with more recent engineering practices, meaning the vivacity of the wood stays natural.

8. Lifespan of well up to 60 years

Those worried about not gaining back their investment, needn’t, as timber doors have a minimum lifespan of half a century, but often last another 10 years on top. uPVC is expected to last and actively perform just under half of this time, meaning that with modern timber entrances you’ll have added peace of mind for a lifetime’s worth.

9. Highly robust and durable

Due to the dense makeup of timber’s cell structure, the material is incredibly robust. This factor is reinforced even more so when considering our use of Accoya wood for all our timber doors, being a technically engineered wood that ups strength and hardness. For this reason, timber doors have a large strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideally suitable for the most demanding of applications.

10. Expertly installed by the Reddish Joinery team

Having served the people of Cheshire in places like Stockport and Warrington for over 50 years now, we take pride in knowing that a significant portion of timber doors installed during our early years are still in use today.

If you’d like to similarly benefit, call us today on 0161 696 7474 or send us an online message.

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