Why a timber orangery would be the perfect addition to your home

Last Updated: 7 February 2023

A timber orangery in traditional chartwell green

A gorgeous garden addition enjoyable all year round

Orange ya glad you clicked on this post? You will be after hearing about all of the various ways a gorgeous timber orangery from the guys at Reddish Joinery not only enhances your home visually, but always serves as an appreciated area in which you can relax and cosy up in 365 days a year.

For most homeowners the act of installing an orangery (especially in timber) alongside their home seems quite daunting, yet believe it or not modern developments made to manufacturing, sustainability and installation ensures that the process has never been easier. The perfect addition for homes that are both contemporary or traditional, timber orangeries never fail to improve your living environment thanks to a plethora of reasons.

Unparalleled colour choices to evoke any desired style

What most people won’t be aware of when considering a beautiful new timber orangery, is their ability to be shaded in a wide range of unique and eye-catching colour tones. Still introducing a much appreciated sense of authenticity that comes whenever original timber is utilised, our colour selection consists of over 150 unique tones to ensure every timber orangery never fails to act as a perfect addition.

Green oak orangery

Accoya Wood engineering ensures the highest quality timber

Throughout our many years in operation, we’ve built up a strong reputation with the fine folks at Accsys Technologies to perfectly understand how their beautiful and sustainable Accoya Wood timber can better help the environment as well as local homeowners. For those that don’t know, Accoya Wood is a great choice for use in our timber orangeries because they are more durable, insulating and strong when compared to most other choices of timber.

All of this excellent anti-decay, strength and dimensional stability makes Accoya Wood the perfect choice for use in a timber orangery. It guarantees that your new extension will stall looking vibrant and unique for many decades to come.

As conventional or as custom a design you like!

Despite being a material used in windows, doors and conservatories for centuries, we have the ability to make your timber orangery just as custom or as conventional as you’d like, meaning that if you have a particular size, shape or style in mind, just say the word and we can make it happen. We regularly build customer orangeries from their own designs, meaning you have complete creative control over the new structure.

Timber orangeries that always result in a bright and comfortable space

If ever you’ve found yourself liking the idea of a more stylish conservatory-alternative that never fails to introduce a greater sense of both space and comfort, timber orangeries just might be the solution you’re looking for.

For more information on how they can enhance your property, call us on 0161 969 7474 or send us a message online.

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