Timber alternative windows – are they as good as the real thing?

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

It’s no secret that us Brits have built up a historical taste for timber, especially with regard for the windows and doors integrated in the home. At Reddish, we have dedicated ourselves to catering towards this need, featuring a range of standard timber, engineered timber, and timber alternative windows.

It’s this last option we thought we’d take the time to address, discussing how our selection of Residence collection windows compare to the genuine article.

Residence 9 window

Little authentic features that help make a big difference

When attempting to evoke any classical aesthetic, professionals will agree that the devil is most certainly in the detail. Thankfully, featuring Residence 9 timber alternative windows in our range allows us to achieve this feat, with every frame integrating a seamless weld that helps avoid any unsightly joins you’d typically see with other uPVC systems.

Other authentic details found in Residence 9 windows include traditional timber sightlines, a sash that sits beautifully flush within the frame, as well as the option of run-through sash horn integration. The best part is that all these elements can be tweaked accordingly, letting homeowners achieve their ideal level of window authenticity.

Energy efficiency levels that match those of insulating timber

Timber, by its very nature, is a natural insulator. The dense makeup of the material’s internal cell structure means that warm air always has a tough time escaping, and we’re pleased to say that our timber alternative windows can easily match this. Residence 9 take their name from the number of chambers inside the frame, all of which combine to better trap heat that would otherwise rise and leave the living space.

If that wasn’t already enough, we offer homeowners the ability to maximise acoustic as well as thermal performance through additional glazing. The result is a certified window energy A+ rating and accommodates the most seamless 44mm triple glazing and 28mm double glazing, proofing properties while maintaining the undeniably authentic timber look.

Timber effect windows from Residence 9

Improving upon the minor annoyances of original timber windows

Opting to replace your property’s existing original timber frames with our timber alternative windows also means doing away with some historical minor annoyances. The most notable of which is the lack of varnishing required. You see, to keep original timber looking good takes a lot of time, care, and attention. We understand that modern homeowners live busy lifestyles, installing timber alternative windows to suit a “fit and forget” mentality.

High-performance timber alternative windows from Reddish

To answer the question we started with, yes, we firmly believe that the Residence Collection outpaces original timber windows, as does our Accoya window range.

If you’d like to know more about our historically-styled options, contact us today on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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