Period features for your hardwood conservatory

Last Updated: 2 August 2023

gothic georgian bars

The right set of period-style architectural features can really help to enhance the look of your hardwood conservatory and your property. At Reddish Joinery, we can add a huge number of authentic features to your conservatory so that you can achieve the perfect aesthetic in your home.

Add authenticity to your hardwood conservatory with period architectural features

Continued investment in our workshop and factory means that Reddish Joinery are always ahead of the competition when it comes to the development of technology. Investing in the latest machinery allows us to produce products of an exceptional quality that can be customised in increasingly complex ways.

Thanks to our precision-engineering CNC router, we are able to incorporate a variety of intricate architectural features into your new hardwood conservatory that would have been difficult to replicate by machine before.

Architectural features are one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a particular style or look in a home. Logic says that if you want to recreate a particular style from a historical period you choose architectural features that have the specific aesthetic of that time.

Choosing the right look for architectural features then is incredibly important when it comes to creating the period style you’re after. Here at Reddish Joinery, our state of the art CNC router means that we can add traditional features to your hardwood conservatory, giving it more authenticity and a better aesthetic. Here are some of the period features that we can incorporate into our hardwood conservatories.

Period features we can include on our hardwood conservatories

Gothic Georgian arches

If your home dates from the 18th or early 19th century adding graceful Gothic Georgian arches to your conservatory is a great way to develop the traditional style of your property further. The slender arches of the Gothic revival style can help to add a sense of drama to your home and make it particularly impressive.

Customised frame and cill styles

Customising the frame and cill of a window is a great way to add period features to your conservatory. Many architectural styles such as Georgian and Victorian utilise frame and cill decoration that are characteristic of the period. Replicating these authentic traditional features is no problem to the skilled craftspeople at Reddish Joinery.

Grooves and ornamentation

Intricate grooving and ornamentation is a hallmark of traditional Victorian architecture. If you’re looking to create this sort of aesthetic in your hardwood conservatory, Reddish Joinery can create intricately worked ornaments and patterns to help bring your structure to live and to create a convincing heritage style.

Customise your home with Reddish Joinery

Specialists when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke hardwood conservatories and orangeries, Reddish Joinery have been transforming homes across Reddish and Greater Manchester for over 40 years. Find out more about us by calling us on 0161 969 7474 or by requesting a free quote.

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