Last Updated: 28 September 2023

Transform your current conservatory with a Supalite roof

If you find yourself overheating in your conservatory during the summer and freezing inside it during the winter, the enjoyment you’re getting out of your conservatory is unmistakably limited. However, with a replacement conservatory roof, you can update its look, restore its performance and enjoy a conservatory that you can use comfortably every day of the year.

Sturdy & ultra-efficient Supalite tiled conservatory roofsSupaLite Roof Replacement

These expertly designed tiled conservatory roofs are crafted using multiple layers of insulation, including a combination of insulation boards, a breathable membrane and lightweight tiles. Together, they create one of the most beautiful and efficient conservatory roofs available on the market today. With U-values of just 0.18 W/m2k, this roof system has what it takes to transform a cold, uncomfortable conservatory into a cosy living area.

The top benefits of the Supalite tiled roof

  • An easy way to modernise your old conservatory without replacing the whole thing
  • The humidity-proof insulation means it’s also great for kitchen conservatory extensions
  • As it’s made from aluminium it’s an extremely strong structure
  • There are lots of design configurations including inbuilt LED lighting or vaulted ceilings
  • Whether you choose tiles or slates, the high-performance materials come in many colours

Your conservatory roof colour options

The tiled replacement conservatory roof can be customised with a wide range of tile and slate colours to perfectly match your existing home and personal taste. Whether you want a typical red brick colour, or a modern black stone look, the lightweight tiles and mould resistant slate is made for standing the test of time, and sometimes unpredictable British weather. The tiled roof also has a 25-year guarantee on the tiles and a life expectancy of over 50 years.

SupaLite Roof With Glass PanelsLet in the light with a tiled conservatory roof

Windows can be integrated into the tiled conservatory roof system. This allows a flood of natural light into the room below, without sacrificing the roof’s unrivalled thermal efficiency. External lighting can be fitted to the soffit, creating a unique and stunning look.

Suitable for all types of conservatories

Our tiled conservatory roofing solutions are tailor-made to your property. They are suitable for all common conservatory styles and come in large and small sizes to suit individual requirements. Their lightweight design ensures that it’s easy to retrofit them to a huge variety of existing conservatory structures.

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