Beautiful green oak orangery

Last Updated: 27 April 2023

Green oak orangery

Reddish Joinery recently put our timber craftsmanship and joinery expertise to good use when we installed a beautiful green oak orangery into a property on the outskirts of Stockport.

Green oak orangery for charming heritage aesthetics

The homeowners in question, who lived in Mellor, wanted to improve the space offered by their home and the levels of natural light in the property. At the same time they wanted to maximise views of the surrounding countryside yet maintain a level of privacy.

With this in mind, Reddish Joinery suggested that the homeowners installed a green oak orangery into their property, which would help to maximise aesthetics, space and natural light transmission whilst maintaining excellent privacy.

An orangery combines the extra space and privacy benefits of an extension, with the natural light and heritage looks of a conservatory and was the perfect structure to meet the needs of the homeowners. They loved our suggestion, and after conducting measurements and talking through the installation process, we got to work!

What is a green oak orangery?

The type of timber we used to construct the orangery is what’s known as ‘Green oak’. Green oak is the term applied to freshly sawn, unseasoned timber from relatively newly-felled oak trees. This type of wood has a high moisture content and will gradually dry out as it ages, providing wonderfully rich aesthetics that change with time.

Green oak timber also has the benefit of being easily to work and sculpt for the craftsperson. This allows complex designs and aesthetic ornamentation to be incorporated into the overall structure without too much hassle.

High performance double glazing for improved energy efficiency

The green oak orangery we constructed and installed for the homeowner was also designed with energy efficiency in mind. We supplied high quality double glazing with the orangery’s windows and doors so that the overall structure would be able to balance temperatures well, making it habitable throughout the year.

The homeowner was incredibly pleased with the quality of service she received and with the quality of the finished green oak orangery. She commented: “We are so pleased with the service and workmanship we received. Everything came together at the time they said it would. No delays. The final result has exceeded our expectations it looks amazing. Many thanks to you all. I am more than happy to recommend you to friends and family.”

For more information about any of the orangeries or conservatories that we offer here at Reddish Joinery, please give us a call on 0161 969 7474 or send us an email.

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