Accoya porch replacement in Mottram Saint Andrew

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

A quaint little village located just a stone’s throw away from Reddish Joinery’s HQ in Cheshire, our installers were very happy to recently pay a visit to Mottram Saint Andrew. Our reason for doing so was to complete a porch replacement project, whereby we were asked to help one homeowner who had grown tired of their existing front entrance replace it for an attractive Accoya alternative.

Accoya wood wooden porch

Engineered wood that helped make all the difference

Prior to our arrival, the customer’s home was sporting a green oak porch installed by another company years before. The homeowner felt that it wasn’t in-keeping with their property’s recent front-facing repaint, so we discussed thoroughly the desired effect they wanted to achieve. Accoya wood was deemed the most appropriate option, largely due to the engineered material’s high weather defence capabilities and classic aesthetic.

The natural Oak-like finish of Accoya would serve to work a lot better than the artificial ‘feel’ the previous Green had introduced, seamlessly tying in with the modern style wanted by the homeowners. Once we explained how, in addition to great looks, Accoya is also the go-to choice for those looking to reduce heating bills, designing and planning work was well underway.

A smooth and steady installation from start to finish

After removing the remnants of the previous porch set-up, the Reddish Joinery team got to work erecting the new one, constructing it from the ground up. It wasn’t just the door that came engineered in highly robust and insulting Accoya wood, but the surrounding beams and pillars too. Sitting under a tiled roof, A-rated double glazing was fitted into the timber frames to keep the structure airtight and Illuminating when the sun makes an appearance.

Appreciated extra space at the front of the home

With the new Accoya porch complete, the Reddish customers can start enjoying the extra space right away. Our favourite part about this project was the fact that the space added is by no means minimal, with the space between porch entrance and property door coming close to 2 meters. Such a large amount of space means having somewhere to store shoes, coats, and just generally stow away items you only really need when leaving the home. A small, but noticeable difference!

Another happy homeowner in Mottram Saint Andrew

As is evident from the final product, the Accoya porch replacement conducted by our team is a bit of a looker. Perfectly tying into the customer’s hopes of achieving a modern appearance using a natural material, the newly-installed porch will deliver the best style and performance well into the future. If you’ve been inspired to add one, contact Reddish Joinery today.

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