7 vintage features of a Georgian home

Last Updated: 27 April 2023

Georgian homeA good Georgian building can make you feel like you’ve been transported inside a Jane Austen classic – with their quaint classical architecture, and carefully proportioned styling. Whilst most of us aren’t lucky enough to own a Georgian home of our own, there are a few things you can do to replicate their period styling.

If you’re into vintage styling and want to make your home feel a little more like the 18th Century (but hopefully with fewer disease epidemics) Reddish have compiled a list of the top 7 Georgian home features just for you!

1. Timber sash windows

Timber sash windows have always been a staple feature of Georgian houses – though they remained a popular choice for homes right the way through the Victorian period and beyond. Truly authentic Georgian sash windows will feature two movable sashes typically divided into 6 panes with glazing bars – from which we now get the decorative ‘Georgian bar’ option available for modern windows.

Georgian sash windows are operated by weights and pulleys, and were originally designed to provide ventilation whilst preventing too much rain entering the building.

2. Traditional brickwork

One of the hallmarks of Georgian properties is that they were generally made from brick or stone found in the local area – because the railways weren’t fully developed, it was difficult to transport other building materials. Nothing says Georgian design like traditional stonework, including decorative stone quoins for some additional charm.

3. Georgian timber doors

If you want to replicate the external appearance of a Georgian home, you’ll want to make sure your property has the right kind of door, and there are a number of crucial elements which define a good Georgian timber door.

Firstly, Georgian doors don’t fit into any porches, and typically feature as part of a flat frontage. The doors themselves are elegant and simple, with six sections to their design. They’ll also usually have a simple semi-circular fanlight above the door for some additional light.

4. Classical architecture

An instant giveaway for most Georgian properties is their classical architecture. The large majority of traditional Georgian buildings feature square, symmetrical designs which were based on classical design principles which were popular at the time. Whether it’s a large town house or a terraced property, the Georgian period is typified by designs built in perfect proportions.

5. Georgian wall panelling

One of the easiest ways to identify a typical Georgian household is to look at the walls. Walls in Georgian homes were often panelled, even if just to dado height – with a painted area above. Vintage wood panelling is always a deadset indicator of the period, as it was originally designed to protect the walls from furniture.

6. Elegant fireplaces

If you’re going to turn your home into the idyllic Georgian house, you’re going to need a good fireplace. Traditionally they would have made the centrepiece of a grand room, so we’re not talking about some old gas thingy here, but an elegant fireplace with basket grates and a cast iron back. You might even want to have a fireplace with decorative pillars for a truly vintage Georgian look.

7. Georgian staircases

The staircase plays a crucial part of what makes a Georgian home true to its period. They’re a focal point of the entire property, made with either straight lines or an elongated curved shape. It’s the handrail which is the important part though – and the more ornate and decorated, the better. You’ll also want to pay attention to the balusters if you’re going to replicate the vintage staircase of a Georgian home.

Reddish Joinery: vintage timber feature specialists

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