17 ideas for your timber garden room

Last Updated: 28 September 2023

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Make the most of your extended outside living space

Timber garden rooms are a wonderful thing. Sitting rather picturesque either alongside or totally independent from the main property within the natural outside, the large amount of extra living space they’re capable of providing is always an attractive prospect. But how do you go about ensuring that your existing timber garden room is unique and stands out from the crowd?

To answer this tantalising question, we’ve put together 19 ideas in which you could use to enhance your timber garden room and really get those creative juices flowing:

1. Glazed roof
a livin roof installation with accoya wood

Improving the amount of natural light capable of entering the space, glass roofs can sit neatly on top of garden rooms to create a much brighter and lighter atmosphere. Opting to have the glass roof double glazed also means the room will always be kept comfortable and warm.

2. Bevelled frames

A type of frame most often seen used within mirrors, countertops, tile, and cabinets, opting to integrate bevelled frames for use within your timber garden room successfully adds definition.

3. Stained glass windows

An excellent way of placing your own stamp of personality in your garden room, stained glass windows offer an endless amount of variety and creativity. They may be of value to those wanting to introduce a better sense of privacy whilst also retaining a colourful style.

4. Picturesque fireplace

Further adding to the rural vibe already established by the timber construction of your garden room, a fireplace is both a practical element to introduce as well as acting as a nice centerpiece. If you’d like to enjoy the roaring comfort of an open fire during a Winter’s evening, look no further than a fireplace.

5. Underfloor heating

An ingenious method of heating your timber garden room when you don’t want to disrupt the ambience with an unsightly radiator or heater, electric underfloor heating keeps you warm while also making the most of space.

6. Coloured frames

A splash of colour never does anything any harm, and unsurprisingly the same can be said for any home’s garden room. With literally hundreds of individually attractive colours available, your frame’s can remain as vibrant or as subtle as is desired.

7. Integrated blinds
sealed integrated blinds

Offering all of the benefits conventional blinds bring but without the need to worry about maintenance or cleaning, integrated blinds are ideal for those who like their privacy but have a busy lifestyle. Available in pleated and venetian styles, integrated blinds operate effortlessly too.

8. Symmetrical layout

If you’re someone who takes pride in being organised, this next design choice will most likely already have been applied in your garden room. Opting to layout your furniture in a symmetrical manner not only will keep the space tidy, but welcoming and clean too.

9. Guest bed

Although you may not think it at first, timber garden rooms work especially well as a guest room for when you have a friend staying over. The simple act of tucking a comfy guest bed in the corner, assures that your guest can get a good night’s sleep without invading your personal home space.

10. Padded seating

If you don’t like the idea of adding clutter to your garden room with unnecessary chairs spread across the room, padded seating around the circumference of the space. There’ll still be every opportunity to socialise without the need to feel confined.

11. Plant life

Not that you’ll struggle to feel close to nature when relaxing in your extension, but laying out some plant life in and around the room will really help give it a tranquil ambience. Spider plants, species of cacti, and even orchids can work well, and will only require the occasional drop of water.

12. Fish tank

As well as nature, why not try adding some wild life in the form of a fish tank for your timber garden room? In any room of the house they have the ability to draw the eye, acting as a welcome centerpiece and adding character.

13. Textured surfaces

Forget what you think you know about the textured wall coverings of the 1980’s, modern equivalents act as a natural opposite to the solid finishes you’d typically see elsewhere in an extension. From jewel encrusted sections to cross-hatched wave designs, there’s sure to be a style that suits your garden room and personality.

14. Mirrors

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be blessed with space to give the illusion of an extended area – Mirrors are a great way to give the appearance of more depth and also excel at helping light reflect more easily around the space of your garden room.

15. Create a Home Office

Even though timber garden rooms typically aren’t situated a great distance away from your main home, they inherently work as an independent space, making it an ideal for use as a professional home office. All it takes is a desk, computer, and possibly some stationary to really put yourself into that state of mind, letting you be time-efficient when working from your property.

16. Artwork

Strategically spoiling your garden room’s walls with a great deal of beautiful and distinctive artwork is a great way of establishing identity. Rather than leave the walls barren and plain, consider adding a style of art you enjoy whether it be traditional paintings or something a little more experimental.

17. Offset colour tones

Experimenting with different colour combinations can really serve to give any room in the home a “wow” factor visitors otherwise wouldn’t expect. Be brave enough to find out for yourself if “Blue and Green should never be seen”, with hundreds of colours to choose from there’s no excuse not to make your garden room’s colour scheme unique and identifiable.

Not all Timber Garden Rooms are created equal

These examples are just an effort for us to scratch the surface of the kind of things possible when hoping to breathe new life into your timber garden room.

For more ideas, or to discuss how the Reddish Joinery team can help you on your home improvement journey, feel free to call us on 0161 969 7474 or send us an online message.

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