14 Orangery Ideas for Your Home

Last Updated: 28 June 2024

Installing an orangery at your home can transform your living standards. Bespoke designed to match your requirements, orangeries are now one of the most popular home extension options for UK homeowners. If you’re thinking about installing an orangery at your home, here are 14 orangery ideas to help inspire your home extension plans.

1. Classic Victorian Elegance

Capture timeless charm with a Victorian-style orangery. Think large arched windows, ornate details, and classic hardware. Perfect for traditional and modern properties alike.

2. Modern Minimalism

If you prefer clean lines and simplicity, a modern minimalist orangery might be your style. Opt for sleek slimline framed glazing, neutral colours, and minimalist furniture to create a serene, clutter-free space.

3. Mediterranean Retreat

Channel the warmth of the Mediterranean by adorning your orangery with terracotta tiles, stucco walls, and vibrant plants like olive trees and lavender. Wicker furniture and colourful ceramics can add a touch of authentic charm.

4. Tropical Paradise

Transform your orangery into a lush tropical haven. Choose bold, leafy plants like palms and ferns, and incorporate bamboo or rattan furniture. Add pops of colour with vibrant cushions and tropical print fabrics.

5. Rustic Country Charm

living roof reddish
Create a cozy, rustic retreat with wooden or stone flooring, and plush, oversized furniture. Quaint accessories like lanterns and vintage décor can enhance this comfortable, countryside feel.

6. Kitchen Chic

Use your orangery to extend your kitchen in style. Add worktops and seating areas to create a large open plan kitchen diner, perfect for entertaining guests and serving up delicious food for friends and family.

7. Garden Oasis

Bring the outdoors inside by extending your garden into your orangery. Install wide opening bifold doors to seamlessly connect your interior living space with your exterior patio area for the best in al-fresco living.

8. Art Studio Haven

An orangery filled with natural light makes an excellent art studio. Arrange your easel, supplies, and completed works in a way that inspires creativity. The surrounding nature can provide endless inspiration.

9. Home Office Sanctuary

Elevate your work-from-home experience by setting up your office in an orangery. Natural light and views of the garden can increase productivity and reduce stress. Choose ergonomic furniture and a layout that promotes focus.

10. Dining Delight

Pendant lighting in bungalow orangery
Imagine dining under the stars in the comfort of your home. Use your orangery as an elegant dining space with a large table, ambient lighting, and comfortable seating. It’s perfect for family meals and entertaining guests.

11. Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading corner with plush armchairs, warm blankets, and an extensive collection of books. Floor-to-ceiling shelves can add a touch of sophistication while providing ample storage.

12. Indoor-Outdoor Playroom

Give the kids a unique play space that’s full of light and creativity. Soft rugs, colourful toys, and child-friendly furniture make it a safe and inviting area. Plus, the connection to nature can encourage outdoor play.

13. Wellness Retreat

Design your orangery as a personal wellness space. Incorporate yoga mats, meditation cushions, and essential oil diffusers. The natural surroundings and calm environment will make it ideal for relaxation and mindfulness.

14. Sunset Lounge

Create a lounge area perfect for enjoying sunsets with comfortable seating, low tables for drinks and snacks, and warm lighting. It’s a great spot for unwinding after a long day or hosting evening gatherings.

No matter which idea resonates with you, the key to a successful orangery lies in blending your personal style with functional design. At Reddish Joinery, we have extensive experience designing and installing bespoke orangeries for homeowners across Cheshire and beyond.

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