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Compared to an old front door, a Rockdoor composite door will do a considerably better job at stopping internal heat from seeping outside and protecting your home against forced entry. Quite simply, they’re some of the most energy-efficient and secure doors on the market. However, they look damn good too. Choose from a selection of door styles, glazing, colour and furniture options and adapt their appearance as you see fit.

Rockdoor composite doors offer outstanding thermal qualities thanks to a unique blend of materials

The better the thermal performance, the warmer you can expect your home to be. Homes that can retain more heat also cost less to keep warm, so you can save on energy costs too.

Rockdoor composite doors combine naturally insulating uPVC skins with thermally-efficient glass, dense polyurethane foam and reinforced frames. They also utilise unique S Glaze technology, which locks the glass into the door, preventing draughts from penetrating through the glazing. This combination of impressive features results in energy ratings that can be as high as A++, making them some of the best performing doors you can find!

Worried about your home being broken into? Not anymore with rockdoors!

As front and back doors are commonly targeted by would-be intruders, you want to ensure they can repel any forced entry attempts and protect your home. However, if the locks on your existing door aren’t working as they should or its sturdiness has diminished as the years have gone by, how can you be sure that your home is protected as it should be?

With a Rockdoor composite door fitted to the front or back of your home, however, any concerns of an intruder breaching your front or back door can be laid firmly to rest. This is thanks to a reinforced frame that is 60% stronger than the average composite door and nickel coated brass hook locks that secure them at multiple points in the frame. And to top it off, they’ve got Diamond Secure 3 Star locking cylinders, the highest rated locking cylinders currently in use!

Easy to keep clean and adaptable to your home

Keeping a rockdoor door clean is also super easy too. They have a uPVC outerskin which actively resists dirt accumulation, and so they only need the odd clean to ensure they continue to look their best.

When choosing a rockdoor composite door for your home, you can also select from modern and traditional door styles and numerous glass options. As they come in a wealth of colours too, you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit your unique tastes. We can even fit an Anthracite grey rockdoor, a highly popular option with homeowners right now!

5 reasons to choose a composite front door for your home

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